Annyyeong Bada

Annyyeong Bada

Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Released: 2012
Genre: Music
“Strong team paly Indi band consisted with classmates from high school” “skill focused performance but has a sense of style” HelloSea is indi band performing at South Korea. Namu (vocal and guitar) , Dae Hyun (Keyboard player), Joon Heok (drum), Myung Jae ( Base guitar) are the four member of the group. Each member is young, fresh and poses k-pop idol look. They become famous as they performed their unique and stylish music at Hong-Dae in Seoul. In 2008, they met 플럭서스 music entertainment and released mini album,’Boy’s Universe’ in 2009. They are currently performing around Hong Dae live club and continue working on release new album.
This Movie is deleted

Dear all,

Because ABS-CBN filed a lawsuit against us for hosting On the wings of love, we have to delete this drama

We are deeply sorry for this inconvenient that cause you. Hope you continue to support us.

Thank you